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Hi there! I'm Ashley, Founder of The Good Card.

I think it’s important you know that growing up, I kept every card that I received. My parents even bought me a little cardboard keepsake drawer to keep all my cards and notes in, and I loved getting to open it up and read through each one. It wasn’t long until that little drawer started overflowing, and I had old cards and notes in drawers all over the place. 

The only thing that could rival my love of cards, is my lifetime love of flowers. My Mom would remind me at this point, that the younger Ashley below would call them 'fafa's', and sniff and stare. But just as some cards end up in drawers, the flowers we tend to give don't last forever either.

And that's how The Good Card started, with the simple idea that giving and receiving cards could become even more beautiful. Influenced by my love of cards, flowers, and everything handmade (my Nana even makes her own cards, so it might be a genetic trait), I wanted to make something meaningful for others. By planting the card in soil, beautiful wildflowers will grow and give new life to your card.

So we’ll try and bring a bit of good in to your life, with cards that are good for you, good for the community, and good for the environment. Plant it, keep it, display it, save it in a drawer to read again later - it's yours to choose. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I hope that The Good Card can be a small part of a special moment.